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Finance and Tax Consulting Services for Small Businesses & Corporations by Simon Accounting Services


Consult with our experienced team of CPAs who understand how to operate your company at its optimal level while offering effective financial guidance proactively for your business.

We're ready to help you build the next world-class business, We Can't Wait to Grow With You™️

Our team will develop and implement personalized financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. We'll provide strategies that reduce your level of financial risk and ensure compliance with all legal regulations.

Does your business need assistance with

  • Choosing A New ERP?

  • Business Coaching?

  • Opening a Bookkeeping Firm? 

  • Vendor Selection?

  • ​Audit preparation?

  • Understanding new industry regulations?

We understand the challenges of finding the best financial solutions for your business and will work with you to develop a financial strategy to increase your profits while reducing your expenses. With our PRIVVI™️ Advisory Services, your business grows with ease. We Can't Wait to Grow With You™️



Let me guess? You're the CEO, Marketer, Accountant, Customer service agent, Client Success Manager and soooo many other things for your business? Wearing multiple hats has kept you from :
1. Successfully scaling your business revenue month over month
2. Knowing what service offerings or products that are profitable 
3. Understanding why there's money coming in but leaving out just as fast

If any of that sounded like you than we have the perfect solution for you >>> PRIVVI™️ - Business Coaching 

In our PRIVVI™️ - Business Coaching program, our team of experts spend 90 days in your business in order to build a well oiled machine. 

After 90 days you will:
1. Experience revenue growth month over month 
2. Know your profit margins for EVERYTHING you sell 
3. Understand your business cash flow needs and have a process that supports those needs

You want in to PRIVVI™️ - Business Coaching? Schedule a PRIVVI™️ - Business Coaching consult now!

Downlaod our PRIVVI™️ Business Coaching Investment Guide 


Business coaching for small businesses


Now is the time for the bookkeeper and now more than ever before, business owners recognize the value bookkeepers bring to the table. While you are servicing your clients, who serves the Bookkeeper? The SAS team can assist with ensuring you are operating your bookkeeping firm successfully to optimize your profits.  A successful  bookkeeping firm empowers their clients with ease while also maximizing their profits and time. PROFIT ProduHERs™️ will give your the results that leave you feeling confident about the future of your business. Our process for most engagements includes: Knowledge Refreshes, Business Coaching, Process Standardization, and Ongoing Support.

Auditing for Small Businesses & Corporations by Simon Accounting Services

Knowledge Refresh

Rather you are just starting out or a veteran, we all need a knowledge refresh every now and then to ensure we stay on top of the ever changing business landscape

Business Coaching

PROFIT ProduHERs™️ is not a E-course but we are your full time business coach and will show you how to implement the Ps to Success - Plan. Profit. Prosper.

Process Standardization

In order to get your personal time back and optimize your profits to grow your firm, you need a well oiled machine that can take you stepping away for family, vacations, or happy hour with friends. We will review all your processes and fill the gaps if there are any leaks.

Ongoing Support

Here at SAS, we will never leave you hanging. PROFIT ProduHERs™️ provides ongoing support to assist you whenever you need it. Once you're a PROFIT ProduHERs™️, you're always a PROFIT ProduHERs™️



Modern accounting systems are evolving and your business could be utilizing outdated processes and procedures. Before choosing to scale your business, consult with the SAS team and we'll show you how to scale with innovative Accounting Process Improvement (API). Our methods help create a scalable environment for financial growth and success.


It is imperative that a small business's financial statements can be relied upon by stakeholders and the public. The SAS team can assist with ensuring a successful audit and rectify any errors in your financial statements, with results that leave you feeling confident about the future of your business. Our process for most engagements includes Analytical Review, Inquiry, Observation, Inspection, and Recalculation.

Auditing for Small Businesses & Corporations by Simon Accounting Services

Financial Statement Audits

Examining your financials with an issued opinion 

Financial Statement Review

Providing limited assurance for your financial statements 

Agreed Upon Procedures

Reviewing your business processes for efficacy

Financial Statement Compilation

Adhering your financials to GAAP or internal management needs



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is essential to any business or corporation wanting a seamless growth process. The SAS team can guide you through the steps of selecting an ERP software without disrupting your business operations. With so much at stake, our goal is to assist you with implementing the correct software to increase productivity,  report insights, and control costs.

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