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Virtual CFO Services for Small Businesses & Corporations by Simon Accounting Services


Tracking and managing the cash flow for your business has never been easier when it comes to having an experienced CFO.

Hiring a Virtual CFO for Small Businesses & Corporations by Simon Accounting Services

The SAS team offers Virtual CFO services to provide your company with a cost effective alternative to hiring an in-house CFO. Our results will reveal why your business needs a CFO from our team who drives improved profit margins and cash flow performance to provide faster and more sustainable growth for your business. PRIVVI™️ - Virtual CFO services is the industry's best kept secret. 

Our PRIVVI™️ - Virtual CFO services includes:

  • Budgeting

  • Forecasting

  • Market Trend Assessments

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Profit Maximization

  • Strategic Planning

The SAS team CFOs will provide expert financial planning and strategies to meet your goals, grow your business with minimal risk, and above all else, give you a competitive advantage with a solid return on investment.

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