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Simon Accounting Services honored as 1 of the Fastest Growing Firms - 1 Million in Revenue

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

At the Accounting Tax Summit in Orlando, Florida, Simon Accounting Services was honored as 1 of the fastest growing accounting firms of 2021. The firm grossed over 1 million dollars in less than 6 months.

SAS is well known for their innate ability to help small businesses grow and sustain their profits. The firm is also following suit. SAS reported 2020 revenues of roughly $200,000 during the pandemic. While businesses everywhere were struggling, SAS was propelling forward. The firm credits its exponential growth to the organization's leader, RavenSymone Simon, who also received accolades as the Entrepreneur of the Year from the Young Black CPAs Coalition.

Raven started SAS in late 2020 after losing her job as a FinTech CPA. She leads the firm with three core values : integrity, customer service, and excellence. When asked what advice would she give to other businesses looking to grow and scale, she responded

"Focus on your zone of genius and do more with less."

Raven truly goes over and beyond for her clients. When we created this award, we had her in mind. Her dedication to the accounting profession and commitment to her clients is unmatched. She left Corporate America, built a firm, and now she's expanding. She truly deserves this award. -- Young Black CPAs Coalition

It is worth mentioning that this is not Raven's first at grossing 7 figures. While enrolled at Clemson University, Raven started a real estate investment firm by the name of Simon Realty. Simon Realty portfolio reached $1 Million in 2017 while Raven was only 27 years old. Shortly after, in 2018, Raven created a personal finance consulting firm ,The Money Professional. The goal of The Money Professional is to assist individuals on the basics on cash management including budgeting, paying down debt, and saving. Later in 2018, The Money Professional joined the 7 figure club.

SAS did not hit these immense goals without strategy and grit. The firm narrowed down their offerings to focus solely on providing tax minimization strategies to business owners. SAS was able to capitalize on Raven's vast knowledge and understanding of the tax code and it is their signature PRIVVI™️ service offerings that accounted for over 80% of the firm's revenues. The PRIVVI™️ service offerings also provide Virtual CFO and Business Advisory services to business owners looking to scale with a plan. In September 2021, SAS launched a training program for bookkeepers and tax preparers to assist with building their firms to 6 figures in 90 days. In early 2020, the program launched with 5 members. 90 days later, 3 out of the 5 firms hit the 6 figure mark, with the remaining 2 firms hitting the mark within 120 days.

SAS's catchphrase, We Can't Wait to Grow With You™️, really rings true as Raven and the team know how to make things grow.

"Find Your Focus . Find Your Tribe. Find Your Why." - RavenSymone Simon

Congratulations, again, to Simon Accounting Services and their talented leader on their newfound success.


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