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The Simon Accounting Services team combines cutting-edge technology with quality services to ensure every accounting need is met for your business. Our dedicated team of CPAs and Bookkeepers serve three core industries with integrity and excellence, providing efficient financial operations for businesses of all sizes.


Our firm is founded on the principle of personal attention for your finances. We insist on taking the time to connect with your business and understand its industry, history, product lines, and strategies that work for you.


Bad overhead estimates, cost accrual miscalculations, and change orders are some of the many issues our accounting team resolves for construction companies.

Construction accounting is more than just bookkeeping, computers, and tax returns. Successful businesses have a dedicated team of professionals that are capable of offering a wide array of construction accounting solutions. The SAS team understands nuances of the construction industry and can address your accounting needs with timely and accurate reporting.


Smaller retail and e-commerce businesses often face unique accounting challenges that larger businesses may not encounter.

Retail and e-commerce businesses have specialized financial needs that requires a team of experts to provide personalized solutions. The SAS team is designed to help small business owners maintain accurate books and financial records. Changing tax rates, interpreting new legislation, and facing new competition all increase the number of unique accounting challenges that smaller businesses are likely to face.


Grant tracking, cybersecurity, and compliance rules can disrupt non-profit operations when they don't have to. 

Accounting can be challenging for when it comes to the ever-changing financial guidelines for non-profit organizations. When non-profits do not meet certain requirements, they risk losing critical funding and potentially jeopardize the operations of their organization.

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