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Did you know you can write off your home by holding meetings there a few times, storing inventory, taking client calls, and much more as a business owner? This PRIVVI™️ template makes sure you are covered and compliant when taking the AUGUSTA RULE and Home Office deductions!


That's the power of PRIVVI™️! We help you learn the things the tax strategies that have been the best kept secrets of the wealthy.  This package includes TWO tax saving strategies that can help reduce your tax bill legally!


Use this template to:

  1. How to use and calculate the Augusta Rule tax saving strategy 
  2. How to calculate and use the Home Office Deduction tax saving strategy 
  3. All agreements needed for audit compliance 

PRIVVI™️ Augusta Rule Leasing Template

  • This is a template that you will use to to edit and add your business information. 

    You will receive a link to download the template after purchasing. 


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